“A strong imagination creates its own reality.” — Michel de Montaigne

How did I end up here? Where am I? I see only one thing. A cloud made of pixels.

Can poetry be generated? What do we see when we look at an abstract cloud? What if it is just one cloud? A special one for you.

I am a writer and filmmaker and a graduate of Columbia University’s MFA Film Program. When we were hit by Covid-19, I was living in Los Angeles and producing my independent film come to life, and Suddenly that strange virus hit the world and started killing people and locking them inside of their houses, rooms & screens. I felt like I needed to do something…

I felt the urge to create a movie, but I was limited in my capabilities due to restrictions. I said; instead, I am going to create another reality. That lives on the blockchain. A new reality that utilizes the blockchain.

I needed a mutual space shared by the NFT community, and what better mutual space than the sky? A simple cloud.

In quantum cryptography terms, a key is uniquely created by a code used to access a location. This was a powerful idea if a code can generate an image. A generative code might become a unique key, and we would recognize it by looking at our keychains. If you think like what would be looking at a single image, do for me.

I suggest each Pixel Cloud can act as a key to our own imagination. A key, a Cloud, can allow people to access their own minds without the need to look at the sky without going outside. People who can’t go outside may access their own minds with a key. I wanted to define it as a simple cloud, when you see your Pixel Cloud, I want you to imagine the skies.

If we think of the horrible consequences of climate change, violations of our privacy, we see less and less sky every day. The sky is a reminder for us. “You” as a Pixel Cloud holder will be a part of a colorful and abstract sky that only exists on the blockchain. When you look at your cloud, it will light a spark in your imagination. A reminder that there are still skies out there waiting for you to look up and see them that help you dream.

In my opinion, art should generate itself. That’s the only way it moves beyond the mainstream media and becomes its own movement.

Generative art is a powerful idea. I fell in love with it when I saw it for the first time because I love nature and its generative patterns. I am in love with math and our ability to mimic nature with numbers. Generative art’s mechanisms are the closest to nature’s mechanisms. Nature throws the dice as the generative art collaborator.
It works exactly like nature. It has its patterns and works on principles. A Pixel Cloud generates dreams. Dreams generate art. Art generates life.

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